The Best And Worst Things You Can Do For Your Teeth

Adults face a hard reality: we only get one set of teeth after childhood. By and large, most Indiana residents understand the importance of this fact and take care to protect their smiles. With all things considered, there are key things that should and should not be done when it comes to oral health. Below is a sampling of some of the best and worst things we can do to our teeth. If you have any questions about your options for care, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best: Have Regular Appointments

on’t underestimate the power of the dentist office. During visits, we offer a deep cleaning to remove plaque and other buildup that can’t be reached at home. Appointments are also and opportunity for your dentist to examine and evaluate for any underlying issues that aren’t visible with the naked eye. X-rays and other technology provide a deeper look into your mouth and can help identify points of concern.

Worst: Use Tobacco

Whether you chew, smoke, or vape, tobacco and nicotine can wreak havoc on your mouth. In addition to discoloring your teeth and leaving them with a yellow glow, tobacco products can cause oral cancer as well as tooth decay. These days, there are multiple ways to seek assistance with smoking cessation. Speak with your general healthcare provider or rely on the support of family and friends to help you kick the habit. Your whole body, not just your mouth, will thank you!

Best: Watch What You Eat

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in the occasional sweet treat, but eating sugar round-the-clock, downing soft drinks, and munching on ice can all do you damage to your mouth. Many foods and drinks leave behind eroding acid and sticky substances. Be sure to brush after your meals and try substituting some common favorites with healthier alternatives. For example, sparkling waters can give your break a teeth from soda while fruits can satisfy your sweet tooth without the excess sugar of candy.

Worst: Ignore Pains

Your teeth should never feel painful. If you experience sharp or dull aches when you eat certain foods or are just sitting around the house, something is amiss. It’s important to have a formal evaluation to figure out the root cause. Often, tooth sensitivity is to blame and could be relieved with over-the-counter products. Sometimes, the problem might be larger, like a damaged crown or a new cavity. Whatever the issue, we want to help you overcome it.

Best: Brush And Floss At Home On The Regular

We understand that life can get busy and your oral health might not be at the front of your mind. However, it’s essential that you establish and maintain a cleaning routine at home. This should include brushing and flossing as well as any other suggestions we offer in the office to combat specific concerns. If you have trouble remembering to get out your brush each morning and night, try setting an alarm to remind yourself.

Worst: Push Their Limits

There’s no question that teeth are tough, but it’s not smart to test their limits. Avoid activities that place unnecessary strain on your mouth. For example, if you notice that you grind your teeth a lot, invest in some headgear to protect your pearly whites while you sleep.

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