#Smiles: Why Teeth Look So Flawless On Social Media

What Goes Into A Flawless Smile?

Social Media is a wonderful way to connect with family and friends both inside and beyond Indiana. It’s also a great way to see new ideas that you can incorporate into your own life. If you are on Instagram, you probably follow some celebrities and brand ambassadors. They often post funny, beautiful photos, and many are inspiring to their fans. But have you ever tried to get a photo that looks as good as theirs do? Quite simply, it can be a frustrating challenge. These individuals spend lots of time and even money to perfect their photos through filters, angles, and just the right props and timing. Some even travel around the world in search of destinations just to get the perfect camera shot. One other common element within these photos is beautiful smiles. In fact, a recent article on Refinery 29 highlighted how these perfect grins are created. Their findings? Veneers! It makes sense: Veneers are an ideal solution for less-than-ideal smiles, and they are certainly not a foreign concept among celebrities and other individuals in the spotlight. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Insta famous to have a smile that garners lots of likes. Here are a few examples of situations that are perfectly suited for this cosmetic strategy.

Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth are pretty common, and they can happen in the blink of an eye. Whether your chips were caused by an accident, an injury, neglect, or something else altogether, veneers can cover up your missing pieces to complete your smile and give you a finished look that’s ready for the camera.

Extensive Staining

Thanks to food and beverages like coffee, soda, tea, and wine, dental discoloration is normal, especially as individuals age. Patients facing this problem can often find relief through professional whitening services in our offices. Sometimes, however, stains are built in such an extreme that traditional methods of whitening don’t cut it. In these cases, veneers offer a simple solution. By covering up the stains completely, teeth look healthy and naturally white once more without others knowing you had work done.


Veneers can also be helpful if you have crooked or abnormally shaped teeth. Perhaps your teeth grew in differently than they should have, or, with time, your work is previously done through traditional orthodontics like braces and retainers shifted back to its original place. Veneers can also be used to close small gaps when orthodontic braces are not suitable. If one tooth is slightly out of position, a veneer can sometimes be fitted to bring it into line with the others.

There are numerous reasons for getting veneers, but one thing is clear: they make a difference in your smile and can create a new look that exudes both beauty and confidence. If you have any questions about veneers or other cosmetic choices, don’t hesitate to call and set up a consultation. We want to help you!

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