Four Easy Ways To Evaluate Your Oral Health

Your oral health is connected to your body in more ways than you might realize. Understanding the issues you have can help you make better decisions, so don’t forget to check in and evaluate your mouth from time to time. Here are some ways Indiana residents can start.

Smell Your Breath

Do people often offer you mints or shy away when you get near them to speak? Do you regularly taste something bitter in your mouth, even hours after you have finished eating? Experiencing bad breath when you wake up or after a garlic-packed meal is normal. But if you are constantly brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash, chronic halitosis might be to blame. While a deep cleaning at the dentist or changing medications might make a difference, halitosis can often be caused by damaged and rotting teeth that must be treated with a crown, root canal, or other procedure.

Think About The Foods You Avoid

Are you a picky eater? Being selective about what you choose to eat makes sense if you have a special diet, food allergies, or sensitive palette. What’s not normal is avoiding certain foods because they hurt your teeth. For example, some individuals experience sharp pains when they consume food and drinks that are overly hot or cold. This tooth sensitivity can be caused by a range of reasons, including enamel loss and tooth erosion. With that in mind, treatment options include fillings for cavities and gum repairs.

Take A Peek At Your Smile

When you smile in the mirror or see photos of yourself on a happy day, are you satisfied with the way you look or do you have things that you would like to change? Sometimes, it takes a careful observation to notice aesthetics like yellow tint or crooked teeth. Take a few minutes to examine your smile and see how you feel about it. Observing it in different scenarios, like with natural light versus fluorescents overhead, can play a part in your perceptions. If you are unhappy with your smile, solutions like whitening and Invisalign are just a few options to get your mouth closer to where you want it to be.

Talk To A Pro

Asking a dentist to evaluate your oral health might seem pretty obvious, but many people avoid trips to the office because of time constraints, fears about what they will hear, and other concerns. Unfortunately, putting off appointments can lead to more severe issues down the line. When you schedule an appointment (which you should do at least twice a year), you’ll receive care that you simply cannot duplicate at home. You will probably experience a deep cleaning with professional tools and chemicals, an observational exam to take note of any alignment issues or strange spots, and even X-rays to look for problems that can’t be detected by the human eye. An appointment is also a great opportunity to ask questions about your teeth and your dental routine.

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